Every Body Be Grateful

Teaching children (and adults) gratitude for their bodies through an interactive goodnight story

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This goodnight tale encourages parents and kids to have a “gratitude attitude” towards their bodies! This book teaches the body parts as well as has hidden gems within the book to encourage fun, interactivity and creativity. Parents can tickle toes, listen to heart beats, kiss noses and more as you ask your child engaging questions to reflect on their day through their senses. You’ll find them learning their body parts in no time with the subtle benefits of the power of gratitude making their way into their bodies.

Story by Jill Mary | Pictures by Esther Han


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I took my three year old to the doctor and while the Dr. listened to his breathing my child said, “Thank you lungs”. Needless to say we were all impressed and knew it must have come from Thank You Body!
— Happy Parent, Lauren
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