They call me Auntie V :)

Jill Mary, writer, CA

Constant self-criticism nagged me from a very young age as it does so many of us. I didn’t like so many things about myself! I look back at the young version of myself with compassion.

My work now - through both written word and song - is about laying a positive foundation for children, so much so that it almost permeates every cell in their being. My words encourage a healthy body image, appreciation of nature and love of self and environment. To look both inward at the innate beauty of one’s own nature as well as look out to the beautiful shared nature that lends itself to us.

It is my mission to help in any small way I can to build children up into confident, self-assured adults who are not afraid to speak up and own their truth. It is my great honor to collaborate with fabulous illustrators to bring these stories to life. All of my books are self published, high quality and written from the heart.

Thank you for your ongoing support and for helping spread these messages into the world.

<3 Jill Mary


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